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Some of us get professional photos taken during a family session once a year. And for many, not even that! Perhaps we’re not comfortable being in pictures, perhaps there’s parts of our bodies we don’t like, perhaps we keep waiting for more weight to shed. It’s very easy to go for years without a good photo of ourselves. Our children and other loved ones will want them. You’ll want to give them something beautiful to remember you by.

To the women who put everybody else’s needs before theirs, I am encouraging you to exist in photographs. Our sessions will now be styled. They will include professional hair and make up service and we will be working with style expert Lorraine Kitsos of Redfish Kids to pull together an amazing look for your family’s session.

You will look beautiful in your photographs, the rest of the family will look great, too! We will capture amazing images to add to your family heirloom.

How do you imagine being photographed? Connect with me. Let’s talk. Let’s get busy planning your session!

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Happy New Year!!!

I hope you’re enjoying all that the start of a new year brings and that it’s on track to shaping an amazing year for you. If you’re not quite satisfied with how the last few weeks have been and want a start-over, I have great news for you! Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so you get to chalk up the last few weeks to “warm up” and get a brand new start on January 28th! You’re welcome.

It’s been an incredible start to the year for me so far. Going to Imaging USA, an annual photographer’s convention organized by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), was the best way I could’ve embarked the year – the inspiration I was fuelled with, the knowledge I gained, and the connections I made were exactly what I needed to jumpstart this year with. Exciting changes are happening with the direction of my business, more to come about that! I’m also really excited about some of the products I saw on the expo floor and I’m currently adding them to my offerings.

Guess what else is happening on Chinese New Year and what else I’m sooooo very excited about? Redfish Kids is hosting an exposition at their Hornby location for a selection of images from my personal travel archives, featuring Maddi in Redfish treasures!

To Faraway Lands with Redfish is an encouragement to wander and explore our beautiful planet, to take our children with us when we travel, and that fashion and comfort can exist together.

The expo open is on Chinese New Year (January 28th) at Redfish Kids, 851 Hornby St., 11am – 3pm.

Mark your calendars, but stay tuned because there is more…

See you there!

Jenn x0x0

A very rainbow-y, unicorn-y happy 7th birthday to Charlotte!


We’ve walked past this wall a few times, and every time it catches my attention. I think it’s just gorgeous.



I don’t know what it is, but this girl loves to draw or paint on herself. This one was a flower she drew with the tattoo markers that came in the set that Auntie Penny got her for her birthday.


We got bubble, we got waffle. Ugh! We got bubble waffle!

Yesterday, we stopped by TMix after school. Maddi tried her first bubble waffle! She enjoyed it.


Auntie Penny came to visit tonight. We ordered take out dinner from Phnom Penh. She brought Maddi a present. The rest was history.


Today, Maddi got mail! It was from her good friend, Marcus, asking how she’s liking being in full day school. So sweet =)


Me. In my family, I’m the documenter. I’m the one that’s behind the camera 99.9% of the time and it’s not often I step in front of it. This is the plight of most documenters/photographers among families or friends. However, once in a while, we have to exist in photographs so those we love have something to remember us by. Get over that vulnerability hump and get yourself immortalized for your loved ones.

Do you have someone in your life who you think should exist in photos more? Give them a soft nudge and let them know how much you’d love to have a nice photo of them. Sometimes, it just takes a sweet request from those we love.


I recently completed a massive purging project in my closet and successfully created a 115-piece capsule wardrobe. I have bags and bags of clothes and shoes set aside and ready to be given away; currently looking for good causes to donate them to.

For the first time in a long time, I am not frustrated about my wardrobe and feeling like I have nothing to wear. I used to feel that way constantly, despite an overflowing closet and feeling like I’m drowning in my clothes, while also feeling the need to buy more every once in a while! Just a week before I called on the expert help of Lorraine Kitsos to get to work on going through my closet, I had such an urge. I am glad I sought out Lorraine’s help instead. She was amazing with helping me identify and get clarity on what my personal style is, as well as with telling me what looks great on me and what doesn’t serve me anymore.

I was dancing all around what my style is in my clothing choices before, but now it’s all come together for me. And it isn’t just about what I like visually/aesthetically, it also works with my lifestyle as a mom, an artist, a creative professional, an entrepreneur. My style that emerged for me, as we went through this project, was personal and totally represents me; I can now fully express myself in the way I dress.

Ironically, by the time we were done and with way less clothes, I no longer feel the need to buy more and I see more possibilities for outfits than ever before! Dressing has become fun again; this is the outfit I threw on myself today, before heading out the door to go swinging with Maddi at the playground. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired about your wardrobe, talk to Lorraine! It was honestly the best money I spent on the wardrobe in a long while!