Monthly Archives: February 2016

During my university days about 20 years ago, when I was a devoted Christian, I remember someone giving the great […]

Maddi’s been sick for a couple of weeks and incredibly, I haven’t caught it despite that she’s been sleeping beside […]

It’s been an incredibly hard day. I gathered my tribe around me like I usually do when I come face-to-face […]

It wasn’t as sunny as yesterday, but it was dry. We met up with friends on Granville Island and indulged […]

Thursdays are swim days. I get to sit by the side of the pool and watch Maddi progress week after […]

Every start of December, I go into reflection mode. I scan my year, my life and reflect on what I […]

Today is Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day is a campaign that started in Nova Scotia to support one bullied […]

We were traveling a lot in November and December and Maddi has also been sick a lot since we got […]

After a busy weekend, and with Maddi still sick, we spent our Monday in a very low key way. We […]

We met a mermaid today! A realtor friend decided that having a mermaid swimming in the pool in one of […]