Monthly Archives: July 2016

The last time we went to watch the fireworks at the Celebration of Lights Festival was when I was still […]

Since we picked up the Princess Tea Session cards yesterday, we had an itinerary of places to drop them off […]

Maddi loves movies, Maddi loves popcorn, Maddi loves movies with popcorn.

Today, we were in the right place at the right time. We had our appointments with Dr. Sukhi, and we […]

Today made me realize how in just a little over a month, Maddi will be in school full day and […]

Today was an indoors kind of day. I had work to get done and grandma came to play with Maddi […]

About a year ago, we gathered on the same rooftop patio with beautiful pink hazy skies celebrating your soon-ish arrival. […]

I had a family session this morning and my nephew, Neil, came to assist me. There was another reason he […]

A little while ago, I saw this thing installed under the Cambie bridge and I didn’t know what they were, […]

Well, Maddi and I are both hooked on PokemonGo! It’s so awesome watching her get so excited about going pokemon […]