Monthly Archives: August 2016

This morning, we got a one-word note from Shoyu… Arigato! It seems he enjoyed the fire pit we made for […]

We got a note from both Lavande and Shoyu this morning! Shoyu folded his note into a crane, for good […]

We only had one fairy house in our garden. And since we found out we have a guest fairy, we […]

We’ve been busy all weekend and didn’t get upto much as far as connecting with our fairy friends go, but […]

Today, we took Maddi to the PNE and Playland for the first time. She had such a great time on […]

Lavande is A-ok! Phew! Well, sort of. Okay enough to write back anyways. And look how beautifully she folded her […]

Guess what? We have a fairy in our garden! This morning, first thing after Maddi woke up, she asked to […]

I guess after listening to all the stories Christianne has shared about the clan of fairies that come visit the […]

Maddi is back in the Lyceum for another fairy camp this week. This week’s theme is Fairy Tea Sets. Over […]

My cousin Sid is in town and we got the cousins together for dinner tonight at Spaghetei! I’ve been meaning […]