Some time in the Fall last year, I got the extraordinary opportunity to play with Rena Lundrie of Lalabug Designs. She works with felt, wool, leather and infuses her genius into all her beautifully crafted hats that has gained a fan base reaching all the way to Europe.

Last year was a special year of recognition for Lalabug Designs as she was invited to contribute to an exhibit that traveled within North America and Europe, as well as to be featured in the UK’s Fae Magazine. For these opportunities, Rena worked extra hard and made entire fairy outfits for herself (Rose) and her two daughters, 3-year-old Isla (Poppy) and 2-year-old Juniper (Huckleberry), complete with wings and accessories!

Rena and I worked together in our university years and when she approached me to work on this project with her, I was ecstatic… and what a reunion it was after many, many years! When I first saw her in the parking lot dressing her girls in the costumes, my jaw instantly dropped. I knew she was talented, but the detail and craftsmanship on these costumes just blew my mind!

For the shoot location, I chose Trout Lake Park. That park has always given me a fantastical & whimsy vibe;  I was first introduced to it when I attended the annual Lantern Festival for the first time about a decade ago. We later discovered that there’s also an annual Alice In Wonderland festival held at the park. It was the perfect location for our vision.

I loved working on this project, and it was especially hard not to have been able to post the images we captured, but the magazine needed for us to wait until they have published the editorial piece in their Spring issue before we can reveal any of the images. It was worth the wait, we got a four page spread as their fashion feature!

Below are the magazine spreads, as well as a few more of the images from our shoot. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Connect with Rena on her Facebook page, follow her blog or check out her Etsy shop to see her wonderful and whimsical creations!

Fae spread 1 Fae spread 2Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 001Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 002Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 007Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 021Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 022Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 030Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 015Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 016Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 040Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 043Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 055Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 083Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 099Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 106Lalabug Fairy Costumes_web 111

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  1. Great article, I love Lala Bugs beautiful work, she is an inspiration!

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