Last June, I became an Oddfellow. The Oddfellows is a very old organization started some time in the 18th century. Unfortunately, there seems to not be any concrete evidence of when and how they started. One speculation is that times were hard and a small group of men got together to give of their time and money to offer help to those in need through donations and fundraising activities. This was regarded as odd behaviour so people called them the odd fellows and the name stuck. This organization was only open to men at one point. As times changed, the membership was opened to women. In June of 2016, I was one of 10 women that started a brand new lodge in Vancouver, Hemlock #8. Regardless of how our name came about, I am proud to be an Oddfellow!

Centuries later, the benevolent spirit of the organization still carries through today. Our first fundraising event was a small spaghetti social benefitting Wish Drop-In Centre. We raised a small amount of money and with the success of our first event, we aspired to put on something big! We wanted to get the word out that we put on fabulous events that guarantee a good time. For the past couple of months, we set out to do just that. 

Last Saturday, we hosted roughly 70-80 family and friends and showed them the best time at our masquerade party, A Masked Affair, a benefit event for the Wish Drop-In Centre once again. We love that we’ve built a relationship with them! We had T Riley and the Bourbon Rebels as well as Kitty Nights Burlesque for entertainment, a couple of our members cooked up a storm and a few more served our guests endlessly. I set up a photo booth to capture everyone with their fun & beautiful masks they came to the event with. I love how everyone got into the spirit of dressing up to the theme. I sure hope this becomes an annual event!

A lot of planning, coordinating, time and hard work went into planning A Masked Affair and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our members and local businesses that contributed to the success of the event. I’d like to recognize them as a way to say thanks and for you to know that you support a company that gives back to good causes when you choose to do business with them.

Several members of Van 90 (Vancouver Oddfellows men’s lodge) who volunteered their time to help us run the event

Several members and their families that volunteered time to decorate the space and take everything down after the event

T Riley donated her time entertaining our guests

Kitty Nights Burlesque donated $100 of their services to the cause

Brassneck Brewery donated beer to our cash bar

Lush donated giveaways for our guests and a large gift box to our raffle prizes

Red Tree Wellness contributed acupuncture and naturopathic packages to our raffle prizes

Yours truly donated my Photo Booth services to the event and a mini session to the raffle prizes

Here are the ladies of Hemlock #8, missing Nycki & Cheryl. Top (L-R): Stephanie, Elaine, Beryl, Sonia, Lindsay, Michelle. Bottom (L-R): Carla, Jenn


Below is a slideshow of some of the photos from the photo booth. Enjoy!


I’m still working on the photos from the event. I will be updating this post with some photos from the event when they are ready.

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