As a brand new mom 4.5 years ago, I was very fortunate to have met Crystal and Monica, who journeyed motherhood with me. We met at the local parent & infant meetup that was organized by the community nurses. Turns out, Maddi shared the same birthday with one of their babies. We spent almost every day of our maternity leave together. It was glorious and amazing, despite all the challenges of being new, first time mothers.

Since maternity leave, however, it’s been more difficult to get together. We saw each other at least a couple of times a year, at birthday parties. Over the last few years, they both added to their families with a second child and so our circle grew.

Last week, I find out that Monica had accepted a contract to work in Colombia for 2 years. It was a call for a reunion. So we organized to have a dim sum brunch, and it was amazing to see how the children didn’t have barriers that stopped them from playing with one another just because they don’t see each other often. They drew together, and they also decided to help the restaurant out and wiped the outside of their crab tank together LOL. And thanks to Maddi, we have a photo of the three of us moms together.

Later that afternoon, we got a message that our friends are coming into downtown from Langley so we snagged an opportunity to see them. We met them at a playground and went for frozen yogurt after. Again, although Maddi and their kids have met and played together a few times, they don’t see each other often… and it didn’t take long before they were fully enjoying each other’s company playing together.

We are built to connect. I’m taking a page from these kids’ example.

160626 365 Days of Alchemy_web 147

Here are the rest of the photos from the day.

160626 Maddi_web 003160626 Maddi_web 004160626 Maddi_web 005160626 Maddi_web 001 160626 Maddi_web 003 160626 Maddi_web 004 160626 Maddi_web 005 160626 Maddi_web 006

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