Today, we joined a group of Monica and Pablo’s friends at Jericho Beach Park to send them off as they move to Columbia for a couple of years. Most of the kids go to daycare with Eloisa so they know each other well and see each other often. When we arrived, Maddi was more focused on eating. When her belly was full, she found Tatiana, who she did an art camp with last Summer at 4Cats, sitting with her friends, right beside our group’s set up. She played with her for a while.

When Tatiana went back to be with her friends, Maddi wanted to play with Eloisa but was feeling a bit left out. I told her I’ll take her close to the water, where Eloisa was playing with her other friends, but she has to do the work of actually initiating to play. It’s not easy to penetrate an established group of friends as a newcomer, and I’m so proud of her for being brave and courageous. She wanted to play with Eloisa and that’s exactly what she did!

She is such an inspiration to me! She is a great teacher of life for me, I’m blessed indeed.

Monica, Pablo, Eloisa and Elias… have an amazing time taking advantage of this opportunity to be close to family. I really do hope you come back! Will miss you… take care, friends! And keep in touch!

160703 365 Days of Alchemy_web 154

Here are the rest of the photos from the day.

160703 Maddi_web 001 160703 Maddi_web 002 160703 Maddi_web 003 160703 Maddi_web 005 160703 Maddi_web 006 160703 Maddi_web 007 160703 Maddi_web 008 160703 Maddi_web 009 160703 Maddi_web 010

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