This little lady have been holding hostage three wiggly teeth in her tiny mouth for over a month. In the last week and a half, she’s lost them one by one, two at school and the last one fell out earlier today at a birthday party as she took an ever so light blow to the mouth with a balloon. It was hanging by a thread and so ready to drop.

I doubt I’d look even a fraction as cute as she does here in this photograph if I had lost my two front teeth. Indeed, she wears the toothless look well.

Two Summers ago, one of our friends said it was good that we set up the lemonade stand then because the cute factor wouldn’t work so well in a couple of years when she and her friend Marcus start losing their teeth and not look as cute. Uncle Henry, I think you’re mistaken and we’re looking forward to selling out of lemonades again this Summer. The cute factor is intact!



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