About a year an a half ago, I was given some tips on how to draw a face. Since then, these women have been emerging from my doodles. 

Their evolution have come some ways in my drawings. I have been stopped in drawing because I can’t be with imperfection, and there was such a big gap between my taste and what I can produce.

More and more, I’ve learned to let go and embrace imperfection, and simply play.

Today, the gap is still there… and I can honestly say that I think the women that emerge out of my doodles are gorgeous.

Here are two from my doodles last night and this morning, sketching on an iPad app for the first time. I’ve also shared the progression in my process last night.

Take yourself on an artist date and give yourself the space to create… no agenda, just play and enjoy! It is so deliciously filling. I would love to hear what you do on your artist dates!

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