Today, my little family had a lunch date at Nuba on Davie Street. While I browsed the menu, I saw that they had the regular espresso drinks and that they also had Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is made with cardamom, rosewater and sugar. I love many things coffee and was faced with a choice to go with what I know I like or be adventurous and try something I’ve never had before. It’s interesting to me how even such a seemingly trivial choice could be difficult for me some times. I noticed how it’s the significance I attach to making my choice that paralyzes me and that this experience feels so familiar. It’s everywhere in my life – for so many things and for so many times, I had been so attached to “getting it right” and being “safe” that I’ve deprived myself of the fun and adventure in taking risks, playing, trying something new and different, just going for it.

I decided to try it. It came, beautifully presented. It was Instagram-worthy. I tried it, and despite how beautiful it looks and how much I wanted to like it, I hated the taste of it.

As we made our way to the art gallery, we walked into a Fleuvog store. I’ve admired these shoes for a long time but never got myself a pair of these amazingly self-expressive shoes. Too many choices, where do I even begin? Some are so outrageous I don’t know how often I’ll even wear them. Some are not outrageous, but then why buy Fleuvogs if I just want something safe? I decided to just pick out a few that I liked, tried them all on and loved two of them. It was a tough choice, but I made one and walked out with my first pair of Fleuvogs. I’ve just finished watching Gran Hotel, a Spanish series on Netflix. I have always loved period pieces for the fashion, architecture and decor and these shoes remind me of my love of them… I love them!

I see more clearly now that there’s nothing wrong with making a choice that does not result in what I want. Knowing what I don’t want is just as worthy of the risk. And that most importantly, it is the curiosity, the taking a chance on something that makes the experience enlivening!

I’m learning to come out of my scared little girl shell, not take life too seriously, loosen up, play more and have way more fun! From this space, I am loving all the wonderful possibilities available to us in this beautiful world and I am looking forward to all the fun in exploring and getting to know myself, finding out what I like and what I don’t like.

Do you take things too seriously? Do you find yourself stopped by the need to be “safe” and doing things right? What if you let loose a little? What can you say yes to today? How can you follow your curiosities more? How can you live more creatively?

4 thoughts on “I Do Not Like Turkish Coffee, I Love Fleuvogs

  1. Eileen says:

    Isn’t it funny how we become so restrained with “right” choices. Good for you for stepping a little further out of your comfort zone. 🙂

    1. Totally! I’m looking forward to the fun in releasing heavy significance and following curiosities… giving up the cloud of “something’s wrong” in the way I usually approach life.

  2. Faye Luxemburg-Hyam says:

    Love your post and how you are releasing yourself from the restrictions that fear brings. Taking risks and having fun are part of the dynamics of enjoying a full life and by the way, your shoes are to live for!!.,

    1. Thanks, Faye! Interesting because sometimes, there are no real risks at all and still I’m stopped to go for what I don’t know… like getting Turkish coffee vs a latte. Excited to make choices that allow me live freely

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