I will forever remember this session. It is the first session where from start to finish, I got to do things exactly how I want to do this business.

We started with a consultation session at my client’s home, where I guided her to identify how she would like her family to be photographed – location, style, etc. We also talked about how these photos are going to live – will they be in an album, a gallery of framed prints, a large wall art, etc. Next, we discussed colours for wardrobe and went closet shopping to pick out what the whole family is going to wear on photo day.



On the day of the portrait session, my client came to the studio to get her hair and make-up done – this was such a treat for a mom who usually runs around taking care of her family to experience getting pampered, in peace and quiet with a hot cup of coffee in hand. We met the rest of the family at the park and had a couple of hours walking, playing, laughing, twirling, dancing… And since I already have an idea of what images they want out of this session as wall art for their home, I was shooting intentionally for those pieces.



A couple of weeks after the portrait session, we had an ordering session scheduled so I can show them what I captured. And since we’ve already done the work to identify the types and sizes of wall art as well as where in their home these will live, it was simply choosing the photos as well as the specific products and product styles for each of the pieces.


A few weeks after that, I went back to my client’s home with the print products and a handyman in tow to hang all the artwork up for her. I like being able to serve my clients in a way where I take care of everything from concept to artwork on the wall, and the only thing for them to do is to enjoy their photographs. It is my wish that in the ordinary moments of the day-to-day business of managing a family and a home, that the images would remind them of the beautiful life and family they have.



It was an incredible experience for me, and I was so glad to know that it was an amazing experience for her as well when I received this testimonial from her:

“I have wanted to do a family photo session since the birth of my twin daughters. However, I never booked one for a variety of reasons: 1. It was hard to find a photographer with whom I was comfortable, 2. I was not sure how much it would cost and where photos should be taken, 3. I was not sure if I looked good enough for the photos.

I was grateful for Jenn’s gentle approach with me. She spent an enormous amount of time during initial consultations and even helped me pick out outfits for our family. I did not have to worry about how I looked, because a package included hair & make up! This was such a nice treat for a busy mom. We had a lovely day for the photo session at Trout Lake park. Jenn truly knows how to make people comfortable and relaxed. Following the session, she was very generous with her time in helping us pick out pictures and frames. She was extremely responsive and attentive.

Everyday, my husband and I have smiles on our faces looking at the photos on our walls. What’s more, close to the holidays, Jenn gifted us a set of holiday cards.  We received so many compliments on our cards from all over the world. Our friends and family appreciated receiving the cards and seeing beautiful pictures of our happy family and how the children have grown.

We would recommend Jenn in a heartbeat!!!”


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