It was my almost-Valentine baby of a hubby’s birthday on Thursday, Feb. 15th. He had the day off, so I planned a day full of celebration with some of his favourite things. We started the morning spending time in Maddi’s classroom, then went to our painting haven which we discovered through our friend Liz last fall. A quick stop for lunch, then an hour long couples’ massage right before we have to go pick Maddi up from school and take her to ballet. After ballet, we celebrated Sean some more with his mom and his sister over dinner at Kelly O’Bryan’s. He ended his day with an after-dinner poker night with the boys.

Since finding out about this painting haven, Sean and I have been going on these painting dates which are such escapes for us – two whole hours of creativity, presence, play, connection, learning… sprinkled with some laughs and some quiet each time we go. I absolutely love these times and look forward to them every time!

Above is my painting that I’ve been working on for at least 12-14 hours. Below is Sean’s which he just started that day. They both are works in progress and I anticipate with excitement over how they each will unfold and what they will look like in the end.

Returning to art is one of many magical gifts from Maddi. Her arrival into our lives is what ignited the inspiration for us to return to art and I can’t be more grateful.

What gifts has children, yours or another’s, given you?

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